The Pretty Average has launched!


The Pretty Average is a slogan, a #hashtag…a mantra to the women who relish a stylish, inexpensive shopping find, who prioritize cheat meals weekly (because #boozybrunch), and who squeeze in exercise when it fits between work, social hour, and family schedules.

The Pretty Average type of girl doesn’t give a rip about wearing labels head to toe… because let’s face it, Target has stepped up its game too much to pay any more for the season’s latest trends (and when coupled with a structured handbag and good accessories, nobody could tell a difference). We live in the days of Pinterest perfection and Instagram luxury, but to hell with the appearance of perfectly curated lifestyles, I want to champion “average”. The every girl – the pretty but relatably average girl.

Please tag and share your #ThePrettyAverage lifestyle!  My goal is to create a social community where we can relish — and run out to buy — each others’ great finds. And feel free to email me at anytime. I would love to see and share more inspiration.

Instagram: @The_Pretty_Average  Tag: #theprettyaverage



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