Barbour vs. Target Knockoff

This week I had to pop into Target to chase down the last purple witch costume before my daughter freaked out, and while shopping, I of course took a complete detour through the apparel section (soooooo predictable). It was chilly when I left the house, so I was sporting my favorite Barbour vest for the first time this season, and imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the best, inexpensive knockoff quilted jacket that is seemingly inspired by Barbour and Burberry’s iconic looks. It’s made by a relatively new brand: A New Day. The best part, it comes in classic colors and is under $40 (The Barbour Cavalry version is $279)!!!

Shopping in Barbour vest and stumble upon…

I took a selfie to show my friends the irony of my #targettwinning with the merchandise… but fast forward a few days, and I actually went back to get the cream color. I decided that — for the price — it’s a perfect “my toddlers will smear shit all over this but I still want a cream color quilted jacket” option. It comes in six great colors – click the image below for more details!

Similarities with Barbour: Pop collar style, slim silhouette, zip and snap closure, flaps over pockets

Differences: The Barbour Cavalry has a fleece lined collar and a cinched middle in the back for a more fitted look.


A New Day Jacket
A New Day @ Target. Comes in 6 colors. Forest Green is shown.
Barbour Cavalry Jacket
Barbour Cavalry Jacket

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